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Now what is cardio?

Any exercise that increases your heart rate and opens up the possibility to much more than running and cycling called Cardio Vascular workout.

When people don’t have much time or space to go out for Walking, Running and Cycling, then this can be a good cardio session in your bedroom, hotel room or Lobby. You don’t need gym to maintain your cardio health. You just need your dedication towards fitness and no one can stop you. Let’s see the best five cardio specific workout:

  1. JUMPING ROPE: You need a rope to perform this cardio. If you jump rope only for 20 minutes can burn above 200 calories. It is a great cardio workout at home.
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2. JUMPING JACKS: You don’t need any equipment to perform this workout. It’s a great form of Cardio workout. It improves coordination as well. Doing 10 min. of Jumping jacks can burn around calories.

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3. BURPEES: Burpee is a killer cardio workout in short period of time. It can burn more than 100 calories in 10 min. It is combination of full body workout like squats, pushups and planks.

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4 SQUAT JUMP: This is another one of the great cardio workout. In this, you start with squat and then jump up as high as possible and land up in squat position. It is highly impact move, so care is needed if you are suffering from knee injury.

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5. HIGH KNEES: This exercise can be done at any place, you have to jump high in a good enough speed which can raise your heart rate up. In this exercise, your body learns how to balance on the standing leg during the workout. It mainly works on your calves , hamstring, quadriceps and buttocks.

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Try these five exercises when you can’t perform running , cycling or swimming cardiovascular exercises.

Let me know in the comment which type of information you want in the future post.

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