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5 Exercises to strengthen your Shoulders:

  1. Pike Push ups: This is a great exercise to build strong shoulder and it improves your core stability. See the below video for the form and technique. You can do this exercise anywhere. It doesn’t need any equipment. Video is showing the movement for beginners then you can use the box to increase the difficulty:

2. Push Press: It is a compound exercise which increases strength and power in both upper and lower body. This exercise targets mainly core,shoulders and hips.

3. Lateral Raises: To make your deltoids strong, this is a great exercise. Follow this with proper form mentioned in below video.

4. Push-ups: It helps in increasing your total upper body strength. It works on triceps, core, lower back , pectoral muscles and shoulder if it is done with proper form.

5. Elbow to palm get up: This is a great exercise to strengthen your shoulder. Make sure you don’t move your lower back. Keep it straight while going elbow to palm. Keep your core tight. And the best thing about this exercise, you can do it at home.

Include these exercises in your shoulder routine and let me know in the comment section how it went.

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