Protein Pancake Recipie

When you don’t like to eat oats and you search for different recipies to make it tasty , so here you go . Try this recipie of protein pancakes : Ingredients: (For one Serving) 30-40 gram oats 2 whole eggs One medium size banana 50-70 ml milk Preparation: Roast the oats until it turns little brown.Grind it in the thick powdered form.Mix oats, banana, eggs

Top 5 Myths of Sugar

All types of sugar are carbohydrates, there is not different effects on your body of different types of sugar whether it's honey, brown sugar , jaggery etc. They are going to be broken down into glucose only. MYTH 1: Too much sugar causes diabetes.Adding too much sugar in your diet

Myths About Protein

There are lot of myths about protein that protein makes you lean. Men should not eat soy. Vegans can't get enough protein. Let me explain it. MYTH 1: Everyone should take a protein supplement.A 100 pound of body-weight person needs 0.5 gram per pound of protein that is 50 gram per

Haemoglobin Rich Food:

Hemoglobin is the protein molecule that carries oxygen from the lungs. It plays an important role in maintaining the shape of red blood cells. There are some superfoods which are rich in Haemoglobin : MeatEggs.TomatoPomegranateBrown riceApplesGreen vegetablesBeetrootWater melonBananas Low Haemoglobin levels can lead to various problems: DizzinessCold hands and feetHeadacheFast heartbeatWeaknessBreathing problem. Adding few


Anti-oxidants are the substances that helps in preventing the body cells from free radical attack. There are many types of antioxidants : Artificial or Natural. There are two categories of Antioxidants: EndogenousExogenous Endogenous are the antioxidants which body can produce itself. Exogenous are the antioxidants that comes outside of the body/ Reasons of increasing


Cellulite is a normal fat beneath your skin. Women are more likely to get it than men. Main causes to get cellulite : Slow Metabolism Lack of Physical activity.High Body fatDehydrationLower Collagen Production.Estrogen, Insulin and thyroid hormones are the part of cellulite production.Fad dieting is also a reason of cellulite. Lifestyle Factors

Anti-Ageing Food

Want to look young. Want to have a good skin. When we change our diet and try to include every possible nutrient like protein, carbs, fat, Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and water, all these start showing the benefits from a largest organ of our body- SKIN. Whenever we have any internal trouble

Benefits of having ginger in the morning:

Ginger is a spice which is one of most healthiest. Here are some benefits which you get by adding it in the morning: Ginger can reduce muscle pain and soreness. It has inflammatory properties. 2. Ginger helps in lowering the blood pressure and improve heart disease risk. 3. Ginger can help treat indigestion. 4. Ginger

Ways to deal with Cigarette cravings:

It's very difficult to get rid from the habit of cigarette. There are some ways by which you can save yourself from the bad effects of cigarette.Spend most of the time where smoking is not allowed. 1.Spend most of the time where smoking is not allowed. 2. Eat healthy snacks. 3. Drink lots

Digestion Time Taken Food

Digestion of any food depends on the type. It takes around 6-8 hours for any food to pass through your stomach and small intestine, then large intestine for further digestion. Different food varieties have different digestion time. Below are some food digestion times are mentioned: WITHIN 30 MIN: 1. Water doesn't

What to eat and When?

People get confuse in food and their timing to eat . It makes a lot of difference in the food and their eating time. You should eat less carb and more protein at night because your metabolism gets slow during night. And you should eat a balanced meal of carb,