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Anti-oxidants are the substances that helps in preventing the body cells from free radical attack. There are many types of antioxidants : Artificial or Natural.

There are two categories of Antioxidants:

  1. Endogenous
  2. Exogenous

Endogenous are the antioxidants which body can produce itself.

Exogenous are the antioxidants that comes outside of the body/

Reasons of increasing the free radicals in the body:
1. Ultravoilet Exposure.
2. Pollution
3. Cigarette Smoke.
4. Inflammation

How Anti-oxidants are beneficial for us:

It protects the cell damage that free radicals cause known as oxidative stress.

Activities that cause oxidative stress include:

  1. Excessive exercise
  2. Consumption of refined food or processed food .
  3. Smoking
  4. Radiation
  5. Exposure to chemicals like drugs and pesticides.

This can lead to cell damage.

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