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Collagen is a substance that holds the organ of our body together. It provides strength and structure to our body.

There are two types of collagen:

a. Endogenous: Body can synthesize this collagen.
b. Exogenous: Body cannot synthesize this. You have to take it from outside source.

Collagen is hard and insoluble that makes up around one third of the protein of human body. This gives the strength and elasticity to the skin.

Here are some benefits of Collagen:

1. Better Skin Health.
2. Improved Joint health.
3. Increased muscle mass
4. Prevents bone loss
5. Promotes healthy nail and hair growth.
6. Maintaining a healthy but
7. Maintaining a healthy weight.

There are 5 most common types of collagen which a person can find it online or in store:

1. Type 1 collagen exists in large quantity in the human body and it helps in supporting skin health.

2. Type 2 collagen presents in cartilage and it helps in joint health.

3. Type 3 collagen helps in healthy skin by improving the elasticity of the skin.

4. Type 5 collagen is for pregnant women which helps in promoting the growth of placenta.

5. Type 10 collagen also occurs in cartilage and promotes bone Health.

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