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Few Exercises for Ankle Mobility:

There are few Exercises which you need to include when you feel stiffness in your ankle and these mobility exercises can improve your mobility & movements more easy.

Cause of Poor Ankle Mobility is Ankle Joint Restriction.
Flexibility restriction: Dorsiflexion problems can occur when the calf muscle ( gastroc and soleus complex) are tight.

1. Ankle planter flexion with band :
Use a resistance band to strengthen your ankle as you point your toes down toward your heel (plantar flexion).

Plantar flexion

2. Toes to the wall: Put your toes up on a wall or some vertical surface with your heel on the floor. Shift your hips forward to force the ankle into a flexed position.

3. Sit at the bottom of squat : Sit at the bottom of a squat. Keep both heels planted on the ground and  shift your weight from side to side forcing the ankle into deeper dorsiflexion:

4. Move your foot in circles: Rotate your foot 10-15 times clockwise and anticlockwise for 2-3 sets for each leg like shown in the picture:

5. Practice Ankle raises: Place your ankle or feet together and slowly raise yourself up .Once you have reached your maximum height, lower your feet back down in a controlled motion.

Ankle Raises

These five ankle mobility exercises will help you in so many movement like deep squats, lunges , deadlifts etc.

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