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Interval Training & Steady- State Cardio:

Steady state cardio is aerobic and Interval training is anaerobic.

Steady State Cardio: Steady State cardio needs oxygen and is fueled mostly by stored fat. Jogging ,Swimming , Running or cycling is the example of Steady state cardio.

Interval Training: It is the anaerobic exercise. When you demand so much work off your muscles and your heart is beating fast to keep up the work & during that period, there is not enough oxygen available during that intense period of time, so the muscles requires non-oxygen sources of energy to sustain. That’s called HIIT (High Intense Interval Training).

HIIT has tons of benefits:
1. Fat burn.
2. Time efficient.
3. Metabolic flexibility
4. Improves Insulin sensitivity.
5. Improved Performance.

HIIT has some drawbacks:

  1. It can lead to burnout or overtraining.
  2. It can be extremely uncomfortable.
  3. It is not great for beginners.

Steady state cardio benefits:

SS cardio can increase your VO2 max, endurance and perform at high levels.

You should do both but do cardio first. without reaching MHR <65 BPM, you should stay away from HIIT. Steady state will keep pushing you to enter into HIIT state that will help you to juice much better.

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