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Myths About Protein

There are lot of myths about protein that protein makes you lean. Men should not eat soy. Vegans can’t get enough protein. Let me explain it.

MYTH 1: Everyone should take a protein supplement.
A 100 pound of body-weight person needs 0.5 gram per pound of protein that is 50 gram per day. A chicken breast and 4 egg white or Greek yogurt and you are there. Some people are accidentally completing their daily protein intake.
Protein supplement is good when you are not able to complete your protein from dietary source or you don’t have time to cook or your activity level is so intense and you are not able to complete your protein intake. It is not necessary for everyone to take protein supplement.

MYTH 2: You can’t enough protein from a plant based diet.
This statement is not true. Just because most of the plant food do not contain all the amino acid and same quantity of protein as animal protein. If you plan your meal properly then you can make a good balanced meal. Muscle repair needs all the amino acids.

MYTH 3: Animal protein is more easily absorbed than plant protein.
Your protein intake should be determined by the biological value not with the type of protein. Whether the protein is plant based or animal based, it should have all the amino acids.

MYTH 4: Vegans or Vegetarians don’t get enough protein.
Plant based folks can complete their protein intake through soya food, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds. Some vegetables and grains also have protein. We don’t need to get all the amino acid from one source of food or in one meal. You can complete your all the amino acid from different variety of food.

MYTH 5: Soy is not safe protein.
Soy is total safe protein. It offers a variety of vitamins and minerals which animal protein can’t provide.

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