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Oats Energy Balls Recipe

These Oats Energy Balls have high protein and fiber. These are rich in magnesium, potassium and healthy fat which helps in absorption of fat soluble vitamins. All the ingredients and method are mentioned below with images.


1. Rolled Oats

2. Almonds

3. Cashews

4. Dry dates

5. Chia seeds

6. Flax Seeds

7. Grated Coconut

8. Organic Unsweetned Peanut butter 

9. Organic jaggery (Very small portion to bind )

10. Walnuts


1. Roast all the ingredients one by one (rolled oats, cashews,almonds,walnuts,flax seeds, chia seeds).

2. Put all the ingredients and dates in grinder and make it in powder form.

3. Add grated Coconut in the mixture.

4. Heat 3-4 tablespoon jaggery and make it in liquid form . You can add water for consistency.

5. Put the powder of other ingredients ( point 2) in Jaggery liquid and mix it well.

6. Let the mixture cool down.

7. Start making small oats laduu . You can use oats on your Palm to roll it properly. I used olive oil .

8. You can garnish it with different seeds like pumpkin seeds and more dry nuts.

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