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Protein Pancake Recipie

When you don’t like to eat oats and you search for different recipies to make it tasty , so here you go . Try this recipie of protein pancakes :

Ingredients: (For one Serving)

30-40 gram oats

2 whole eggs

One medium size banana

50-70 ml milk


  1. Roast the oats until it turns little brown.
  2. Grind it in the thick powdered form.
  3. Mix oats, banana, eggs and milk together. You can put stevia for more sweetness .
  4. Add water according to the required consistency.
  5. Take non stick pan and pour the mixture on it. Flip it to cook from another side.
  6. You can add topping with strawberry or nuts.


  1. It is high in protein.
  2. It is high in healthy carbs.
  3. It has healthy fat which helps in absorption of fat soluble vitamins.
  4. Egg has choline which is very necessary for your body for DNA synthesis.
  5. It has high potassium and powerful antioxidants.

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