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Skin shows your Internal Health:

Skin is the body’s largest organ which shows the internal health of our body. Skin’s health is dependent upon good nutrition and digestion of food. Your body needs certain vitamin and mineral to keep your internally healthy which anyone can see through your skin. These vitamins are listed below which can rejuvenate regularly and it can be found in any fruit and vegetables.

VITAMIN A: This vitamin is called as Retinoid which can be found in sweet potato , carrot, spinach and mangoes. You can find it in Eggs and dairy products as well.

VITAMIN D: It is known as the “sunshine vitamin” because the skin can synthesise it from sunlight. You can get it from Supplements and fortified products like milk , breakfast cereals, fish , mushrooms and dairy products.

VITAMIN C: It is vital for immunity and skin. Eat citrus fruits, bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, and other greens. It helps create collagen and is also an antioxidant. To treat your skin well, apply orange juice.

Folic acid: It helps in producing and maintaining of new cells, which is why it is prescribed for pregnant women. A topical application of folic acid and an amino acid called creatine improved the firmness of skin.

Protein:  To keep your skin firm and elastic, you need at least one gram of protein per kilo of body weight.

Vitamin E: It provides a natural glow to your skin and keeps vitamin A stores replenished. It reduces the appearance of scars as well. Find it in foods rich in good oils, such as nuts, seeds, and virgin cold-pressed vegetable oils.

Vitamin K:It helps blood coagulate, and therefore lets wounds heal. It reduces dark circles, stretch marks and scars. Have cabbage, kale, and milk.

Vitamin B3: It is also known as niacin, this vitamin is essential for healthy skin, your brain, nervous system, and blood cells.

Vitamin B5: It is known as panthenol, it prevents skin water loss. Get it from whole grains, avocado, and chicken.

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