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Three Major Weight loss hacks for women:

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Most of the women’s live in this world , weight loss is the main concern when it comes to be fit or to be healthy. They get panic when it goes even a single pound up and down.  So, here is some things which you need to remember when you scale goes up not only one pound , even two or three pound.

There can be three reasons which you need to remember when you weigh yourself:

  1. Weight can vary due to hormonal changes that take place overtime , from menarche when the cycle first begins, to pregnancy and post- pregnancy and finally menopause.
  2. If you have lifted heavy yesterday, so weighing machine will show more today.
  3. If you ate too much carbs yesterday, then again it will show more , but that’s not fat. It is water resistant. You cannot gain fat in one day like you cannot loose fat in one day.

There are three life hacks which you need to know if you want you to be fit:

  1. Make protein your best friend. Protein has number of benefits for women, including improvement metabolism. Protein protects the bone. This is very important after menopause when bone loss can lead to weak bones and old-age fractures.
  2. Consume liver detox herbs. The liver is the seat of weight loss. If the organ doesn’t breakdown the fat in the body, you cannot lose fat or weight.
  3. Drink tulsi ginger and turmeric green tea three times a day.
  4. Drink 30 ml aloevera juice empty stomach daily.
  5. Combine soluble and insoluble fibres.

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