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Top 5 Myths of Sugar

All types of sugar are carbohydrates, there is not different effects on your body of different types of sugar whether it’s honey, brown sugar , jaggery etc. They are going to be broken down into glucose only.

MYTH 1: Too much sugar causes diabetes.
Adding too much sugar in your diet cannot cause diabetes. It is a problem between pancreas and metabolism. If you are overweight then you are more likely to suffer from diabetes.

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MYTH 2: Artificial Sugars are better than Sugar.
Fact is artificial sugar is more addictive than cocaine. People think these artificial sweeteners are way better than normal sugar. But people who consume artificial sweeteners as likely to obese than those who do not.

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MYTH 3: Sugar makes you fat.
It’s not sugar that makes you fat and sick, but high calories do. Sugary foods are high in calories and people end up eating a lot of them. Calories matter.

MYTH 4: Fruit Juice is natural sugar.
Fruit juices have lots of sugar. It also gets convert into glucose and processed by the same metabolic pathway. Whole fruits are way better than juices because of it’s fiber, vitamins & minerals and more filling.

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