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What to eat and When?

People get confuse in food and their timing to eat . It makes a lot of difference in the food and their eating time.
You should eat less carb and more protein at night because your metabolism gets slow during night.
And you should eat a balanced meal of carb, protein and fat in the breakfast because your metabolism gets high in the morning.


  1. BANANA: Include Banana in Breakfast or lunch but not in dinner. Eating banana in dinner may lead to Mucus formation and disturb digestion.

2. ORANGE: Eating Orange in breakfast may cause stomach irritation and gastritis. It should be eaten in snack.

3. NUTS: It should be eaten in breakfast and lunch . Helps in lowering the blood pressure and healthy heart. Should not be eaten in dinner because it is high in calories and fat.

4. TOMATO: It should be eaten in breakfast. Helps in increasing the metabolism and digestion. Avoid it in dinner . It may cause swelling if eaten in dinner.

5. YOGURT: It should not be eaten in Breakfast because it can damage the stomach lining. It makes the stomach very acidic if eaten in breakfast. It should be eaten in dinner . It helps in faster digestion of dinner.

6. APPLE: It should be eaten in breakfast because it contains pectin which lowers blood sugar and cholesterol level. Avoid it in dinner because it is hard to digest in night.

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